Here’s how it works!

B Maymon Design wants to exceed your expectations. Not only with the design of your final product, but with the process of creating the work as well. Our goal is for your entire experience to be pleasurable, exciting and satisfying! We serve our clients from the initial concept through production and final delivery. We strive to meet our client’s creative needs with dynamic and innovative solutions, on time and within budget. Here is how it works.


The first step in our process is for us to learn about your company, determine your creative needs, and come up with a plan of action. It is important for us to understand the overall feel and look you desire. We will discuss your goals, target audience, budget, and timeline.

Estimates and Plan of Action

Based on this discussion, B Maymon Design will then email you an estimate for the projects we discussed, an overall outline of the plan, and a production schedule. If the project includes print materials, costs for printing will be included in the estimate. Since we are a small studio, you reap the benefits of our low overhead! Once we have your approval, we begin concept development.

Concept Development

At this point, we have many of the details worked out and B Maymon Design will develop a concept, or comp for you. Comps may include a layout, suggested colors, and low resolution photos for potential usage. If copywriters or photographers are needed, we will begin working with them. B Maymon Design can provide you with excellent resources for writers, photographers, display vendors, etc.


Concepts will be presented to you, the client. Upon your feedback, we will provide up to 3 rounds of edits and alterations. Because we’ve been very careful at the beginning to truly understand your needs, it is very rare that our clients require further alterations. We will send you revised comps via email as pdf files.

Approval and Delivery

Upon client approval, B Maymon Design will release final, press-ready files either directly to the client or to the selected printer if the project is a print project. If the project is a web project, the website will be launched or the digital files will be uploaded to the appropriate site.

Please contact us so we can begin the process of showing you “how it works!”